Thursday, August 25, 2011

2 1/2 Years!!!

My little two and a half year old! How did you get so big? It's so fun to hang out because we now communicate back and forth so well! I love hearing what's in your mind. And, you have a wicked since of humor. Obviously, from the pictures below, you are quite the cowboy - which you call a "Bobo" :)

One of my favorite things to see is when you do little prayer hands before we eat. Sometimes when you are really hungry you sneak little bites when you think we're not looking :)

You are also quite the artist. I love watching you paint. You seem to
enjoy it and are very methodical with the brush strokes. When you see
your painting on the wall you get really excited. I would rather have
your art on our walls than any famous person's :)

To go along with your cowboy ways, you also LOVE riding horses! :) If
anyone in on the floor, you hop on their back and declare, "I ride dis
shorse!" :) Or you prance around with Daddy. I love that you love cowboys and it makes your daddy very happy to watch old Westerns with you. :)

Here are some more things you're up to:

You don't like to sleep EVER, but, you make up for it during the day when you're just so fabulous :)

You love "army mens"

You still eat a TON. More that I do sometimes. 5 eggs or 3 bowls of oatmeal. Craziness.

You randomly hug or kiss me and ask if I'm doing "ok" :)

You are a dance machine!

You're a ham in front of the camera

You love the poky little puppy :)

All in all, you're the funnest little person I know. I'm honored to be your mom and get to spend everyday with you. Thank you for being amazing.

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